Benagil Cave – A Hidden Paradise

Written|November 16, 2018

Portugal is one of those countries you could call “picture perfect”. The terrain, the ocean, the people, the food…it’s all just ready for a postcard to make people jealous. You can find yourself ticking all the boxes, but there are many surprises waiting right around the corner. Before you know it, the surprise of an accidental adventure leaves you surrounded by beauty so surreal you thought your imagination could only create something so vivid, so magnificent. This is the Benagil Cave, and I’m gonna tell you exactly how to get there and why you should book a tour with us.

The Beauty

How we found this epic natural wonder? It was actually all a mystery to me; the true beauty of it. Two years ago I found myself backpacking in Portugal. I had read about this unique coastal cave and was just dying to check it our for myself. Unfortunately, due to the high seas and wave conditions I found myself not “in” the cave, but rather hiking “on top” of it. The surrounding views of the coast were charming from my perspective anyway, but I had no idea of the eye candy I was missing out on from the inside…


SUP Benagil   

One year later, on my second trip to Portugal, I had to try and find an opportunity to see what all the fuss was about. I soon found myself on a boat cruise headed to the world-famous cave, this time approaching it the way you’re supposed to; from underneath! The second I saw what was coming my heart skipped a beat and then thudded hard with anticipation and sheer joy; I had finally made it! This ancient cave has been carved out by the sea and comes to an end with an almost divinely isolated beach. Of course, this natural wonder wouldn’t be significant without the light-bearing, almost perfectly circular eroded hole at its roof. The sun brings in even more reason to soak up the environment. The colour of the water and pillars of rock wash together to create a playful and vibrant energy.

The surrounding limestone coast line is easily “weathered” by rain and other natural forces. This weathering is the cause for the beautiful cave formations and hidden beaches in the general area; the force of natural is beautiful! Secluded at first glance, you’ll be amazed at how wide and open this cave is. It’s becoming a very trendy and ‘must see’ destination for tourists and backpackers around the world and serving as a gateway for exploration along Portugal’s southern coastline. There really isn’t any reason not to come . What are you waiting for, hop on a cruise boat and explore one of nature’s most pristine miracles.

P.S, this destination makes the world’s “50 most beautiful places in the world”, so it should be on everyone’s bucket list.


The Route

As promised, we’ll tell you how to get to the Benagil Cave easily and without having to ask for directions – although sometimes this is the best part of travelling!

First of all you will need to head to the southernmost coast of Portugal. From Lisbon to Algarve (from here, it is easy to access out tour’s meeting points!) travelling by bus is recommended because It’s cheaper than by train and both options take about the same time. The journey time from personal experience is estimated at roughly 3 and a half hours.

You can book the bus ticket here :

Or if you fly to Faro will be easier. From Faro to Vilamoura, the bus ride will take about 20 min , then you can join the boat trip to Benagil from there .

From Algrave’s beautiful coast of Southern Portugal, we offer many affordable and quality boat trips including boat voyages, BBQs and SUP experiences! Check out your options below:

From Carverio:

Benagil Cave Tour
Benagil Cave and Marinha Beach

From Vilamoura:

BBQ cruise to Benagil
Tour to Benagil

From Albufeira:

Boat trip to Benagil

From Lagos:

Boat trip to Benagil

From Portimao:

Benagil tour

In Benagil Beach:

SUP experience


So, there you have it! Your next holiday destination? The Benagil Cave, Algrave, Portugal. We guarantee nothing but treasured memories, iconic photo ops and warm smiles all around. Book your tour with us today!


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