Birdmi taking the holiday market by storm

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, August 5, 2018. With increasing numbers of travellers dissatisfied with the constrictive nature of package tour holidays, the self-styled holiday experience is making a comeback. Tourists are voting with their wallets and crafting unique and tailor-made experiences that ensure they spend their vacation time in a way that suits them best. To that end, Birdmi has plugged a much-needed gap in the market offering a connection to local travel companies all over the globe.

The company has successfully focused on eco-tourism, share culture and offering exciting experiences around the world. Offering a myriad of fascinating, immersive trips and tours in thirteen global destinations the lure to the wanderlust is instant and captivating. From jungle trekking in Machu Picchu to a Game of Thrones walking tour, these activities are precisely what the modern sightseer is looking for. Far less restrictive than the two weeks poolside, all-inclusive holiday package these fantastic vacation experiences take in some of the most impressive sights and create picture-perfect photographs that provide everlasting memories

With a budget range to suit all purse strings, there really is something for everyone. Founder and CEO Angel Kwong explains the rationale behind this exciting collaboration. “Each selected travel agencies has great specialist knowledge and experience, bringing them together and creating a fabulous platform for our local tour guides to become experts in the country. Our extensive tour guide brand gives us a tremendous advantage of being able to offer our clients top-quality tours in the world with the best tour guides. Birdmi Tours never miss out the latest activities going on in a tourist place. You can book tourist activities such that you need not go there and take tickets. You can buy a tour package with full activities. We want you to experience the spectacular scenery and the surreal power and energy of our nature on a global scale.”

Tours are handpicked by the team to ensure that they meet the ethos of small groups, offering that individual experience that just does not happen on overcrowded, oversubscribed tours. Booking through the Birdmi team means that you are not only booking a holiday experience but the knowledge of many travel experts brought together by this fantastic platform. It is like having your own personal tour guide by your side as you plan and put together the perfect holiday for you and your loved ones. Birdmi is clearly an upstart company worth watching as their ingenious design, and unique selling point has deftly positioned them to become a global influencer when it comes to finding the best in unique vacation tours.

Birdmi is an online travel experience portal designed to help travellers to escape the ordinary, travel with passion and create memories, which will last a lifetime.

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